Team Kerb Clippers


Hello and welcome to the Kerb Clippers Discord.  This is where you’ll find all the forums for our championship & team events.

House Rules

We run full simulation for our events with accurate weather from the circuit and set ups open. Stewards Bus operates exactly as it would in a real world event.

All details for current championships like Dates, times and locations can be found under Pinned Messages in the championships forum. Marked with the Trophy Emojis.


Please be kind and courteous to your fellow racers and remember this is an open forum for like minded sim racers.

You’ll notice the numbers and flags on our usernames. Ideally your forum name should be your Iracing or PSN name followed by your #race number (Individual KC race number for each club driver, a relic of old times but a tradition we like to keep, check yours is original on discord first) then your nations Flag.

E.G Your Name  #999 (FLAG)

Everyone in Red or Orange can assist you if you have any more questions or need any help at all.

Welcome once again to Kerb Clippers, hope we see you on the grid!

Join the Discord forums here : Kerb Clippers Discord Forums